There were several theories about how the Incredibles family would make their return for a sequel: a Frozone spinoff, a superkids-focused film, or the same family, with everyone a few years older. It turns out that they went with none of the above. The Incredibles 2 trailer, which dropped last night during the Winter Olympics coverage, shows Elastigirl playing the role of a superhero as her husband, Mr. Incredible, takes care of the family.

"I have to succeed so she can succeed so we can succeed," Mr. Incredible desperately says to the aforementioned Frozone, who's voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. 

In the upcoming film, superheroes are illegal (Captain America: Civil War anyone?) but a mysterious "tycoon" wants help to "bring supers back into the spotlight." Instead of offering the deal to the married team, he only wants Elastigirl. She gets a sweet new motorcycle and Mr. Incredible gets more daddy duties.

The trailer shows Mr. Incredible struggling with the new ways to solve math (an obvious shot at the common core), snoozing through bedtime stories with Jack-Jack while trying to keep up with the baby who can turn into an actual demon. Meanwhile, Elastigirl is killing it in the superhero field and getting cheers from passersby along the way.

Also, Jack-Jack is still a baby, so we can assume this film takes place shortly after the timeline of the first one, which premiered in 2004. But that doesn't mean there won't be any shakeups in the family of four. Check out the first trailer for Incredibles 2 above. The film arrives in theaters on June 15.