Sometimes it feels like Hollywood is the coolest high school you never got the chance to attend. Everyone just sort of knows each other and hangs out, even if they’ve never actually worked together. At least we’re assuming that’s how Andrew Garfield found himself at Prince’s (as in the Artist Formerly Known As, not Charles or Harry) house, throwing up in the dearly departed pop icon's bathroom.

Garfield stopped by the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and recounted the weird tale. As per Garfield, he was in L.A. auditioning for Robert Redford’s Lion for Lambs. A then relatively unknown Garfield found out he booked the part playing opposite the renowned actor/director. Garfield then swung by H&M at the Beverly Center (shoutout to my hometown mall!) to get himself a suit for the Golden Globes, which were that night. Garfield explained he was at that time “sleeping on my manager’s assistant couch in West Hollywood."

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Anyway, Garfield told Fallon he “ended up somehow at this historic after-party that Prince used to throw.” Ended up? Okay, I feel like you’re skipping a few Illuminati steps in the story there, my man, but continue. Garfield then went on to recount how he was waiting in line for the bathroom with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz. “And I was so just so full of myself, and anxiety, joy, and alcohol,” he went on, “And just ended up praying to the porcelain god for about five minutes.” Apparently Garfield threw up pancakes because Prince allegedly liked to make them at his historic fêtes, which just might be the best part of this story. Okay, that part may not be true because, as per Garfield, the actor was pretty sauced.