On Tuesday Pornhub expanded upon their 2017 Year in Review (thanks to a request from Mashable) to include a state-by-state breakdown detailing who in what region is into what type of porn. What they found—and then put into easy-to-consume chart form—was that it was a very good year for lesbians:

They also let you know that "cheerleaders" and "hentai" are charging hard for lesbians in 2018, while "giantesses" are coming for the crown in parts of New England:

They also posted the terms that states searched for more often in comparison with other states, which is the most interesting chart due to its variety. There's furry, "black girl, white guy," and the "do not cum challenge":

They also posted the most popular porn stars per state, which was light on variety while simultaneously proving once again that one video can haunt you for your whole life:

Finally, they broke down the average time each state spends watching, ranging from nine minutes and five seconds (Kansas), to 11 minutes and 33 seconds (Mississippi). 

To read the full report, click here, unless you're still at work.