Despite no official word on if the upcoming Batgirl film is even still in development, Lindsay Lohan isn’t letting that stop her from petitioning for the lead role.

The Mean Girls actress made her case online Saturday morning, tweeting the following: “Retweet if I should star in the new Batgirl movie and everyone tell [Joss Whedon].”

Lohan, who was last seen getting bit by a snake in Thailand, hasn’t been a big name in Hollywood for years. It would make more sense for Whedon to go a different direction to bring Barbara Gordon to life on film. The film will reportedly be centered on Batgirl’s origin story from the 1967 DC comic, according to Variety.

The news that Whedon would be directing the standalone Batgirl film broke in March, but lips have been sealed since then. There’s still no word on casting and no announcements have been made.

Rumors have even begun to circulate that the director was axed from the project altogether. But according to Entertainment Weekly, the Avengers director is still toiling away on the script and will still direct Batgirl, despite Justice League’s lukewarm reception at the box office. Whedon played a role in the production of the Justice League film, having co-wrote it.

As the creator of the legendary television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, fans may look to Whedon as someone that can truly give the crime-fighting female partner of the Dark Knight a proper introduction to the big screen.