One of the biggest beefs of 2017 has to be the Migos/Everyday Struggle back-and-forth. The latest shot was the preview for Quavo and Lil Yachty's "Ice Tray" video, which did, in fact, use look-alikes of Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska Alexis to send up the daily Complex YouTube series.

While the Everyday Struggle crew took the preview in stride, finding humor in a number of aspects of their portrayal, TMZ still hit up Lil Yachty to see if he wanted Budden to watch the video. "He's seen it, he will see it; he talks about it every day," he replied. Yachty isn't wrong, necessarily; I'd imagine he wouldn't keep talking about it if these videos and other memes didn't keep popping up, but after that statement, Yachty got to the real meat of what's going on here.

"Honestly, we're not even worried about Joe," he admitted. "It's almost like we're poking fun at it; we're just bored."

Yachty also made it clear: "we're not mad at him, we're just having fun."

When asked about the "lyrics," which we assume they mean the hook—in which Quavo says "if a nigga hating, call him Joe Budden" with a "pussy" ad-lib after by a still-undetermined artist—Yachty chalks the "heavy" lyrics to "just being real. That's just how we feel right now."

Yachty also said they had to make the Joe Budden look-alike to shave his head bald, and also explained the images and behind-the-scenes video from the set were leaked, which he said was "lame" because they had contracts signed. Either way, the internet got another piece to this meme'd up puzzle, and if you let Yachty tell it, this is all about making light of what was a tense situation for the views.