As we dive headfirst into AWARDS SZN, we have no choice but to recognize Jordan Peele and his spectacular film Get Out for all it has accomplished. From putting Daniel Kaluuya's talents front-and-center to helping make 2017 the biggest year for horror in movie history to establishing himself as the next "it" creative in Hollywood, Peele's owned this year.

With the focus back on the satirical Get Out, Vanity Fair got Peele to look into some of the more intriguing theories Redditors have been going nuts over. Some of the theories are downright hilarious, primarily the one where the film didn't actually happen, but is just the figment of Rod's imagination. Apparently, some feel the movie is just Rod's mind going wild and conspiratory after hearing Chris say he's going to meet his white girlfriend's parents. Peele shut this theory down as hilarious but also very wrong.

Peele takes a look at what Rose not mixing her milk and cereal means, what her brother was playing on the ukulele on the porch, and what (if any) significance Flight 237 means. The best theory is the one that puts Get Out and Being John Malkovich inside the same cinematic universe, thanks to Katherine Keener being in both films. Again, that one gets shut down, although Peele acknowledged Keener being in both beforehand, and even made sure to bring this idea up to Spike Jonze, director of Being John Malkovich.

It's a fascinating video, giving you insight into things you may have missed upon your first viewing of Get Out. Check out the full clip above.