For those of us who still haven’t been able to snag tickets to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit Hamilton, a few revolutionaries have uploaded video of the historical musical online to watch for free. Of course no good thing comes without a cost, so if you want to see Miranda rap about the constitution you’re going to have to do so on Pornhub.

According to the Daily Dot, the first act of the musical is now available to watch on Pornhub, under the “gay” category, thanks to one user named “Broadwayfucker.” The 75-minute clip is appropriately titled “REVOLUTIONARY TWINKS HAVE HISTORICAL FUN” to fit into the myriad of X-rated content that surrounds it.

The video appears to be shot from the upper right balcony of a show and was taken a while back since it includes the musical’s original cast. Someone took quite the risk after paying a steep price to let us watch Lin-Manuel Miranda bring Alexander Hamilton to life. Another user named “winkwinkk” shared the same video under the title “revolutionary boys get dirty on American politics part 1,” which we can only hope is not embedded with any surprises.

Twitter user @twoscooters shared their discovery of the video on Tuesday (Dec. 26), leading to a surge in searches for “revolutionary twinks.” With all this attention, it might be good to try and watch the video sooner rather than later, before it gets flagged and taken down by the site.

Hamilton isn’t the first big production available for free streaming on Pornhub. On Christmas Eve, comedian Kumail Nanjiani let fans know via Twitter that his new film The Big Sick was streaming on Pornhub. The entire romantic comedy is available to watch, following a quick search in the “interracial” category.

Whoever keeps adding these free streams is doing broke culture lovers a big favor, just remember to clear out your search history and avoid clicking on any of those less decent ads or “related” clips.