On Saturday, a high school cheerleader posted a viral six-second clip of her stepping over an invisible box:

At first, the stunt/trick/whatever really doesn't look that hard until you give it a try. That's your invite to attempt it, and once you give it a shot you might find it more plausible that there actually is something invisible there, and the groundskeepers should watch their steps the next time they re-paint the sidelines. In fact, here's the impressive move in slow-mo (courtesy of Deadspin), lest you doubt the degree of difficulty:

For reasons that are obvious, a bunch of people on Twitter lost it. But, it being Twitter and all, people will probably find something equally distracting in the next day or two (if they haven't already) and we'll all forget about this until the invisible box jumper develops powers to a point where it's far too late to really do anything about it:

Here's part 2:

Plus, a couple good (and successful) imitations:

Attempt at your own risk.

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