There’s an old saying that the clothes make the man. But what makes the clothes?

Red Bull TV’s new original series Social Fabric attempts to answer that very question, as the host travels the world exploring the ways in which some of our most beloved fabrics and fashion pieces are created and styled from place to place to place. Hosted by revered streetwear designer Kyle Ng, Social Fabric digs up the hidden backstories behind some of the most iconic styles and materials we’ve known for our entire lives. That list includes everything from jeans to cowboy hats, Crazy Pants to T-shirts, and fedoras to camouflage gear.

Throughout the 12 episodes of season one—which are available to stream free right now on Red Bull TV—Kyle also links up with a long list of very special guests who discuss their own personal styles, including Journalist Kenny Sankale, Rock legend Dee Snider, DJ Mayer Hawthorne, Mixologist Daniel K. Nelson, Custom Kilt Designer Howie Nicholsby, and many others.

All 12 episodes of Social Fabric with Kyle Ng’s first season are available now, free of charge, on Red Bull TV on-demand. If you like clothes (and we know you do), this is a show you simply don’t want to miss.