Over the course of its run, Def Comedy Jam helped launch the careers of some of the biggest comics in recent memory. Now, the comedy institution is hitting its 25th birthday, and to honor that, Netflix decided bring together people from all across the comedy community and host a one-night only celebration: Def Comedy Jam 25.

The special’s lineup is an unprecedented set of iconic comedians that you will literally not find anywhere else. That group includes Cedric the Entertainer, Dave Chappelle, Tiffany Haddish, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, Katt Williams and many, many other astounding comics who all showed up and loaned their talents to the special.

Def Comedy Jam made comedy cool in a way that no platform before it ever did, as each installment featured an audience that was packed not just with comics, but athletes, musicians and celebrities of all types. With a special focus on fostering comedians from the African-American community, the comics that Def Comedy Jam brought into the mainstream were so talented that they are still the biggest names in comedy today.

This landmark gathering features some of those very same comics, who return to pay homage to Def Comedy Jam for all that it did for them and their careers. The one-night only event is streaming now on Netflix, so be sure to head over there to take part in celebrating a quarter century of comedians who changed the stand-up game for good.