Issa Rae's great at making statements. Hell, just her presence on the Sunday night line-up on HBO is a HUGE statement. With the second, Frank Ocean-filled season of Insecure coming to a close last night, we finally got some closure on the show, with a mess of open-ended storylines for season three. We also got a final look at the fresh tops that Issa (and company) were rocking this season.

From the season two premiere through the entire series, there have been hella messages told in the show's fashion, and while we spoke with Insecure costume designer Ayanna James about the show's look, I wanted to focus on the tops Issa rocked throughout the series.

Issa Rae isn't the type of person to just wear some shit just to wear it, it seems; there are things weaved through the fabric of the show that can only be told by a specific shirt. Whether it's a quick sociopolitical statement or just some fly vintage wear, it's high-time we took a quick look at the messages Issa put on herself throughout the season...with some links on where to cop these pieces, if you were interested.