With Game of Thrones on the shelf for the foreseeable future, the dominant Twitter discussion of Sunday evenings is on hiatus. Thankfully, we still have plenty of good television (and now football!) to carry us through, and Insecure fans were on edge heading into the Season 2 finale on Sunday night.

Warning: Insecure spoilers will follow.

Though a great deal of Insecure's story arc has revolved around the competing factions of #TeamIssa and #TeamLawrence, there were a number of other important developments heading into the finale, primarily in the workplace. Molly and Issa were both confronted by limitations and setbacks at their respective jobs, adding tension to the finale that existed beyond the usual relationship firestorm.

But of course the central tension in the finale was going to focus on Issa and Lawrence's complicated relationship. In the previous episode, they had a heated exchange at Derek’s fancy, intimate birthday dinner, as the two traded insults and accusations back and forth at one another. It didn't help the situation that Lawrence brought his date Aparna to a gathering for close friends. In the teaser for the finale, it was strongly suggested they had some unfinished business to settle.

Judging by the well-executed conclusion, Season 3 can't come soon enough with answers. How will Issa and Daniel's relationship evolve once they're roommates? Is Molly really going to be the side chick in Dro and Candice's open relationship or does she want more? Did Lawrence blow it with Aparna?

Read some of the reactions from fans, below.