A new cover story on Lil Yachty dropped earlier this week, and it's very much worth your time. One particular passage in Rembert Browne's Fader piece, detailing Yachty's appearance on the set of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, has started generating some headlines of its own due to a quote from co-host Martha Stewart.

Yachty was joined by Laverne Cox, Gary Owen, and Stewart's co-host Snoop Dogg for a taping of the VH1 series' second season, which is slated to premiere this October. When the topic of Yachty's Teenage Emotions album cover came up, the hosts and guests were informed that the "image was not available" as the network had failed to clear it.


At this point, Browne writes, Snoop stood up and delivered a "swear-filled finger wag" at the staff for fucking up the image clearance. While venting his frustration, Snoop referred to Teenage Emotions as "this n****'s shit." Stewart then repeated part of Snoop's remarks to Yachty, eliciting "every imaginable reaction" in the room:

So Martha, sitting at a table with her co-host, Yachty, comedian Gary Owen, and actress Laverne Cox, leaned over — while wearing a sari for their Indian food-themed episode — and, both maternally and ignorantly, said, "Yachty, does it upset you when Snoop says 'n***a shit?'"

The room filled with every imaginable reaction: anger, horror, embarrassment, laughter, joy, pain. Throughout the exchange, Martha Stewart did not seem to understand what the big deal was. Yachty's reaction: a huge smile. It had been a long morning of sitting and waiting, following a day of interviews that involved a great deal of sitting and waiting. Once he finally made it on stage, he was charismatic, but seemed to be running on fumes. When Martha had her record scratch moment, though, Yachty came alive.

At the time of this writing, the Potluck Party moment had landed in a Spin headline and inspired a handful of tweets. 

The comments occurred while taping was paused and will thus not be included in the forthcoming episode. Read the full Fader piece here.