While some of us have to write and blog on Fourth of July to keep the lights on, most of you out there are out enjoying a fine day at the beach or getting down at a cookout with friends and family. And though they might have access to gnarlier parties than you do, celebrities are often interested in the same thing you are on July 4—being patriotic as fuck.

Even among the rich and famous, people express their patriotism and love of country in different ways. Singer Christina Aguilera got the whole family involved, posing for a picture with her kids, fiancee Matthew Rutler, and a gigantic American flag wrapped around all of them.


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Aguilera was feeling quite festive for this year's Fourth of July, sharing a series of photos of herself in an American-themed bathing suit after the family photos were done. Get you a singer who can do both, I suppose.



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The stars and stripes were running rampant, as you might have expected. Whether they were dressed in American onesies or rocking a huge hat in tribute to Uncle Sam, there was no shortage of red, white, and blue.


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Though Americans don't show a whole lot of subtlety in general on July 4, a few celebrities used the occasion to really show you how well they're living. Dressed in red, white, and blue, the Curry family shared a beautiful view from a yacht, overlooking crystal blue water for miles. When you're an NBA champion, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Others followed suit, showing off pictures from locations around the world, while still keeping America in their hearts.

And buried underneath all the gaudy outfits and lavish vacations, there was also room for some earnest appreciation for what America has provided us all. Actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a particularly inspiring series of tweets on Tuesday morning, paying tribute to the country that made him who he is today.

And really, isn't that what celebrating on the Fourth of July is all about? We may not be doing the same things, we may not be in the same place, but more than on any other day, there is a shared appreciation of what it means to call yourself an American. Happy Fourth of July, y'all.