It sounds like there’s a traitor in Scott Disick’s crew.

In the early hours of Sunday, the 33-year-old’s Hidden Hills, Calif., home was reportedly burglarized and ransacked. TMZ reports the break-in occurred at around 1 a.m., while Disick was away in Las Vegas hosting a highly publicized birthday gig. The timing and the manner in which the crime went down has led authorities to believe it was an inside job.

According to TMZ, the thief—or thieves—seemed to know the layout of Disick’s home, including where the security cameras were placed. Whoever entered the home made sure to move certain cameras so any intruder could go undetected.

Police have not revealed what items were stolen from the property, and there are currently no leads.

Disick’s Hidden Hills home was hit by burglars about a year while he was away in Cannes. The crooks reportedly jacked several pricey timepieces, in what some believed to be another inside job. Officers told TMZ that Scott has an idea of who was behind the break-in, but doesn’t “want to rat them out.” Interesting.

This seems to be a common theme amongst the Kardashian klan. Kim Kardashian’s infamous Paris robbery was suspected of being an inside job, as was Kendall Jenner’s Hollywood Hills home invasion