In a recent interview on Australia's Today show, Caitlyn Jenner revealed that she and Kim Kardashian aren't currently on speaking terms. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres last month, Kardashian said that certain things written about her mother Kris in Jenner's The Secrets of My Life memoir were "unfair" and not truthful. Jenner said this week that she's been keeping her distance from Kardashian.

"To be honest with you, I really haven't talked to her in a long time," she said. "I've kind of let everything calm down. So I kind of keep my distance. I'm out right now trying to make a difference in the world."

Elsewhere in the Today interview, Jenner spoke fondly of Kris' support:

"In so many ways, she did save my life," she said. "I was going down, at that time, a very difficult road, and she kind of brought me back. She brought more kids into my family, so I went from four to eight kids, with four step-children. Workwise, she brought me back, and kind of restored my faith in myself for a long, long, long, long time. We had 23 good years together."

Caitlyn Jenner previously told Andy Cohen that she and Khloé Kardashian haven't talked "in, like, two years." In a separate interview on The Talk this week, she said that the passing of time will hopefully ease any tensions in the family. "You know, my house is open," she said. "My relationship with some of my kids is better, and with others it's maybe a little more strained. But I think as time goes on, that'll change."