Ever since Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair last summer, the Ted Cruz supporter has made it her goal to further the national discussion about transgender rights and equality. Jenner's reality TV show I Am Caitfor example, attempts to bring the conversation about transgender issues to the forefront of the national consciousness. The transgender rights activist will continue to spread her message through TV: Jenner has joined the cast of Transparent for the show's third season. 

According to Vulture, Transparent's creator Jill Soloway called the exciting casting news "a dream come true" during an interview at the GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday, where Jenner won an award.

In her acceptance speech Jenner emphasized the significance of creating a space for transgender discussion on TV, especially for the youth. "We have so many issues with trans youth suicide rates, murder rates. With your example and your show, it gives these young people hope that they can survive those very difficult times as they grow up and try to figure out who they are," she said referring to Jazz Jennings, a young transgender TV personality and LGBTQ activist. 

Soloway said that it was not hard to convince Jenner, who will begin filming her scenes next week, to join the cast of Transparent. There's plenty of crossover between I Am Cait and Transparent as several of Jenner's costars also appear on Soloway's award-winning series. Soloway didn't disclose any details about Jenner's role, but her involvement is likely to heighten the appeal of the show, which is already fantastic and moving.