On Monday night, Rihanna concluded her two episode stint on A&E's Bates Motel as Marion Crane, the woman who's infamous slasher death in the original Psycho made an entire nation afraid to take a shower. And, if you thought you were going to see her get stabbed a couple dozen times—because that's the first thing people think about when they think Psycho—​you may have been shocked to see her walk out of the shower without a scratch.

While Norman Bates stays true to the original by watching her through a peep hole, the writers throw us a curveball by having her walkout saying "screw this shit" before going to find her boyfriend:

When she finds out he's been cheating on her, she bails with some stolen dough, and leaves him to get stabbed to death instead. We're not sure if that's disappointing to you or not. We guess that depends on you.

In her first episode we got to see Crane have kind of a sex scene after stealing $400,000 from her employer, which I think is something we all aspire to do. While that scene was aired, we got to see real-life Rihanna give us some Instagram Live footage where she clearly struggled to watch herself fake bonk.

Thus concludes her appearance in an iconic role. Feel free to channel your inner Gene Shalit and judge her performance (if you want) in the comment section below.