Here's a story that might require the use of some imagination. On Saturday night, Chrissy Teigen tweeted out a pair of dual-texts: one that said she was struggling to stay conscious through dinner (which seems to be a recent theme) and another that said she swapped outfits with a stripper, meaning she went home in a mesh bodysuit. Here's a screenshot:

"I'm tired. Don't even know if I will make it through entire dinner," the beloved supermodel wrote in a screen-shotted text. The second one, presumably from somebody else, said "Well, I left Chrissy and John at da club last night and Chrissy literally traded her Lanvin jumpsuit with a stripper and went home in a mesh bodysuit."

While anybody can make up something in text, a semi-obsessive fan account asked for proof from Teigen, a request which she obliged:

As Cosmopolitan pointed out, this isn't the first time Teigen's given away one of her outfits. She did so last year after a Twitter follower liked a dress she wore on Lip Sync Battle:

This is how you build a reputation as a supermodel of the people.

Also: please don't read this as an invite to ask for her clothes.