If you were as drunk as I was during Sunday's Oscars broadcast, then the traditionally verbose running time was no issue at all. Movies are the best thing ever, not to mention the fact that live TV always has something highly tweetable up its sleeve. Kimmel's jokes, unfortunately, were largely worthy of an embedded dumpster fire GIF. But you know what's a good way to potentially avoid the Oscars' lesser moments? Grab intermittent naps:

Chrissy Teigen, whose husband John Legend rocked the hell out of a pair of La La Land songs during Sunday's broadcast, was seemingly captured grabbing a nap or two by some stealthy cameras and some even stealthier tweeters. According to E! News, Teigen appeared to be catching some shuteye during Casey Affleck's Best Actor acceptance speech and the announcement of Emma Stone's win for Best Actress.

Reliably, Twitter rejoiced upon receiving news of this apparent slumber:

Teigen later tweeted that she "just woke up" and asked what went down:

Well, for one, this happened:

What a night.