Alec Baldwin has been the man tasked with impersonating Donald Trump lately, but a whole host of comics have to be licking their chops at a chance to play the president. In a bit during Saturday's show, Leslie Jones is the latest person who wants to step up and take on the challenge of parodying Trump.

As part of a sketch on Saturday Night Live last night, Jones did a full sketch on the matter, taking viewers on a chronological tour from the inception of the idea to the eventual result of the process. Jones' boisterous style seems to be a good match for a character as outsized as Trump, and the results are predictably hilarious when she launches into Trumpisms like "yuge."

You might not be seeing Jones as Trump in a full-time capacity in the near future, but she was adept at tying him in to her usual brand of comedic flair. If the opportunity ever presents itself, we're happy to endorse her candidacy to play Trump in the future.