Forget the gifts. Forget the eggnog. Forget the festive weed deals your plug keeps hitting you up about on WhatsApp. The real go-to activity this acutely dreary holiday season? Watching Trumpism potentially engulf all that we hold dear, including the United States Constitution.

The Daily Show shared their festive Donald Trump's Christmas (NOT HOLIDAY) Yule Log clip Tuesday, just in time for all of us to save this shit to our watchlist so we can throw it up on the tube at any and all family gatherings this week. Just to make sure everything is good and burned (and appropriately reminiscent of the Netflix instaclassic Fireplace for Your Home), the video runs a robust 5 hours in length.


Ahead of a stacked holiday season, let's not forget this: As Fusion reported Monday, the final numbers from the 2016 presidential election show that Clinton won the popular vote with 65,844,610 votes. Trump, meanwhile, received 62,979,636 votes. Despite these figures being actual facts, a recent poll found that more than half of Republicans still think Trump won the popular vote.

Reminds me of my favorite holiday lyric:

"Twas the week of Festivus

and all through the nation

The Constitution was burning

because the Electoral College opted for castration."

Enjoy the holidays or whatever.