Maybe you heard a thing tweet or two about the President-elect's alleged saving of Carrier jobs, the total number of which the President-elect himself claimed was "over 1,100." But according to union leader Chuck Jones, the President-elect actually "lied his ass off" about the Carrier deal, marking the first time in history he has ever done such a thing. Just kidding. As Seth Meyers explained on Thursday's Late Night, there's plenty more alleged bullshit where that came from.

"If you went by some of the initial media coverage of the deal, you might have thought that Trump saved all or even most of the jobs slated to move from Indiana to Mexico," Meyers told his audience on Thursday night. "But now that the actual details of the deal have started to trickle out, it seems there's less there than meets the eye."

After sharing a clip of the President-elect dubbing his initial Carrier campaign promise a "euphenism," a word that quite simply does not exist, Meyers took a deep-dive into the alleged inflation of the deal. For example, Jones has noted that as many as 300 of those jobs were never scheduled to leave in the first place. Furthermore, NBC News reported Thursday that hundreds of other workers will still be laid off.

"Trump does have a tendency to lie his ass off," Meyers said. "That's why Chris Christie is always there to catch it… We found some tape of other times Trump has lied his ass off, and if you listen closely, you can actually hear his ass falling off." Meyers then played a medley of bullshit, including footage of the President-elect saying Hillary Clinton had started the birther garbage and another clip of the President-elect declaring himself "the least racist person you've ever met."