Deadpool might actually win a Golden Globe. As announced Monday morning, the film itself bagged a nomination for Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy while star Ryan Reynolds earned his first-ever Golden Globe acknowledgement with a Best Performance by an Actor slot. To celebrate, Reynolds engaged in an impromptu tickle fight and chatted it up with Deadline about why Deadpool is so fucking huge right now.

"It's important to note that in regards to Deadpool's narrative material, the film came along at exactly the right time when we (the industry) reached the peak of superhero (movies) and Deadpool was 90 degrees to it," Reynolds told Deadline Monday morning. Though Reynolds concedes that many superhero-centered movies have achieved brilliance in recent years, Deadpool was able to add a new layer to the genre.


"There's been a lot of superhero films that have been brilliant, and there's a seriousness and darkness to them," Reynolds said. "At the end of the day, it’s about guys walking around in tights. Deadpool took these tropes and usurped them in inventive ways."


So, yeah, it certainly looks like Deadpool is going to continue being massive AF for at least a few more years. Is that something we should be worried about? I don't know but WHY DID TAYLOR SWIFT HAVE TO WEAR THE MERC 'FIT FOR HALLOWEEN?!?!?