Home Alone, a certified banger that somehow never bagged a single Academy Award, has been given an 8-bit makeover. CineFix shared their arcade game-ified take on the 1990 John Hughes classic Wednesday, featuring a fleet of inimitable Kevin McCallister traps and a soundtrack practically begging to be blasted at maximum volume.

"Ho-Ho-Ho-Home Alone returns as a retro action-packed arcade game for your holiday cheer!" the CineFix team, who previously gifted us with 8-bit versions of Fargo and Die Hard, said of their latest creation. "So sit back, relax, stir up some hot cocoa, and watch little McAllister cause some mayhem. Happy Holidays!" The clip is directed and scored by Norwood Cheek, with animation by Raz Mergian.

Of course, true Home Alone aficionados are probably screaming at their phones right now like "BUT A REAL HOME ALONE VIDEO GAME ALREADY EXISTS, SQUIDBRAINS!" That's true. If you have a vintage Nintendo and can track down the cartridges, feel free to enjoy your life of Home Alone purity with classic titles such as this:

For the rest of us, this 8-bit recreation will have to do. Sadly, none of these entries offer any insight into how the hell Peter McCallister had so much damn money. Was he a doctor? Was he an asshole (i.e. a lawyer)? Did he score a sweet job in the front office of the Chicago Bulls? Better yet, was that dude a mob boss? No clue, but join us in heavily speculating in the name of this otherwise putrid holiday season.