Apparently, Canadians are plenty familiar with American pop culture. Case in point: Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard took her Halloween costume inspiration from probably the most famous American selfie of 2016—Kim Kardashian's nude mirror pic from back in March. 

Bouchard wore a nude-colored top with a black censor bar over her chest (thanks a lot, Instagram), and added some padding downstairs to mimic Kardashian's curves. Bouchard struck the Kim K pose and took her own mirror selfie, then posted the photo side-by-side with the original photo on Twitter. She even tagged Kardashian in the post. 

Bouchard wasn't the only one who donned the look—she posted another photo with a friend in the same costume.

Bouchard's costume was pretty creative, but it's not like she was the first one to copy the famous photo. Sharon Osbourne did that when she posted her own nude in the same style, shortly after Kardashian's.

Kim Kardashian is a fairly popular Halloween costume. Even Kim Kardashian dressed up as Kim Kardashian last year. Unfortunately, we don't know what she wore this year. Kardashian hasn't posted to social media since she was the victim of a robbery in Paris in early October.