You know when you have Danny McBride delivering sick burns to Michael Phelps that something quite strange, and potentially colossal, must be happening. Lucky for us, it’s all in the name of the newest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare video game which made its way to ComplexCon this weekend. The newest game takes their classic Call of Duty concept and launches the action into outer space.  

The folks at Activision came to the Long Beach Convention Center with game in tow, not to mention Playstation VR stations where ComplexCon attendees could try the game out and a life-sized replica of the game’s signature space-ready fighter jet, the Jackal.

Merriment was abound, photo ops were had, and many excuses were made to utter the indomitable phrase, “You’re in my pool, Sea-Monkey!” Oh Danny, you never disappoint us.