Character She Plays: Madolyn Maddon
Worst Line: "Here's my cahd and a prescription for 20 Lorazepam."
Boston Guy's Assessment: Going into rewatching this, I remember Vera Farmiga having the worst accent by far. For a little while, I was second-guessing myself, and then... Every so often she throws in a ridiculous word like she has Boston accent tourettes.

I'm assuming that the second after Farmiga booked this role, she Googled "Boston accent" and stumbled across the well-known phrase, "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd." She repeated the phrase a few times and was like, "Alright cool I'm good." Boston Guy is right: what makes her accent so grating in The Departed is how fiercely she mispronounces her Rs while pronouncing everything else TOTALLY NORMAL. It's wildly jarring.