You can always expect a number of things on Halloween. The event brings with it spooky costumes, trick-or-treaters, and of course, awesome Halloween parties. The latter of which, is many of us grown-ups’, highlight of the night. When the night falls, every one of us steps out in our themed attire, and just cranks things up a notch. In order to fully embrace the holiday, it may be in your best interest to align yourself with the bat. If you’re feeling extra spirited, you may even try and become the bat.

Despite our public perception of the creature, the bat is actually a symbol of good luck for many cultures. In Chinese art, the winged animal appears everywhere, even landing on garments and wedding presents. In Native American culture, the bat is a symbol for communication, due to its highly social nature. Who knows the bat, and being highly social, more than Bacardi? The brand adopted the flying critter as its symbol, hoping that it brings every one of its fans good luck. Now, Bacardi is paying it forward even further, and hosting an epic “Becoming The Bat” Halloween party at the end of the month. The whole event is happening in New York City, but much of the juicy details aren’t being spilled just quite yet.

What we here at Complex Canada know, is that the party is sure to be extra lit. Bacardi will be taking over somewhere in downtown NYC, and will feature a very special guest. If anyone has any hot tips, let us all know! Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open in the lead up to the party. In the meantime, here are a couple of our favourite Halloween-inspired rum cocktails top help you fully become the bat. Happy trick-or-treating!