Tattoos are cool. If scary AF needles weren't involved, hesitant admirers of ink (me) would already have approximately 100 tattoos commemorating the short-lived animated classic Street Sharks. For Saturday Night Live star (and accomplished Staten Island dragger) Pete Davidson, that honor goes to the Harry Potter franchise. But what if some seriously unfortunate shit goes down with the OG Harry Potter stars? What about the ink?

Davidson has already pondered this potential bummer since copping some sleeves over the summer. "I have my dad's helmet and I have, like, a bunch of Harry Potter crap," Davidson explained to Seth Meyers on Tuesday's Late Night. "Here's the thing about the Harry Potter crap. At the time, it seemed like a really good idea, but what if one of the people in the cast is a sex offender later on? That's a huge cast, so if someone comes out as a sex offender, I'm screwed!"


Just in case Davidson has room for some more Potter-related tattoos, the franchise will soon be expanded even further with the addition of the film adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As series creator J.K. Rowling recently revealed at a special sneak peek event, Fantastic Beasts has been bumped up to a 5-movie franchise of its own ahead of the first entry's Nov. 18 release.

Speaking with Uproxx earlier this month, Davidson declared himself the "only SNL cast member" to ever leave for the summer and return the following season with full sleeves. "I thought I would get yelled at and Lorne [Michaels] would scrape them off my fucking arms with the cheese grater," Davidson joked. "No. He's just like, 'You're an idiot. Enjoy your tattoos.'"