A big part of the appeal of games like Grand Theft Auto V is that they give you the opportunity to wreak absolute havoc on the semi-realistic world around you without having to actually go to prison or suffer any consequences whatsoever. But when you take the Grand Theft Auto vibes from console to cinema, well, who the hell are we kidding? This shit is still fun AF, only now it has a lurking element of real-life terror beneath it. Nice.

The brilliant minds over at Corridor Digital recently shared this seven-minute Grand Theft Auto V short, reliably packed with the franchise's signature vulgarities. The best part? Steven Ogg, a.k.a. the dude who voices the notorious Trevor Philips, is front and center with his reliable brand of insanity the entire fucking time.​

Since becoming a video game legend, Ogg has landed a number of enviable real-life roles on hit shows like The Walking Dead, Westworld, and Broad City. But for a considerable portion of the planet, Ogg is still most known for Trevor's antics. "I'm very proud of that performance so talking about it is never a problem," Ogg told TWD Fan Site in August. "I also recognize the notoriety it brought to me so I would never bite the hand that fed me. Of course, I have no problem correcting people calling me Trevor sometimes as I like to explain to them that actors perform different roles—that's their job—and they actually have real names."

If nothing else, maybe this compelling take on the Grand Theft Auto universe will inspire someone to really get moving on a feature film adaptation.