Clowns are creepy and scary and, recently, people across the country have been losing their minds over them. But creepy and scary costumes are a huge part of Halloween, which is right around the corner. So America's stores have found themselves in a tricky situation: Do you sell creepy and scary clown masks that could fuel more hysteria, or do you stop selling one of the most iconic Halloween costumes? Well, if you're Target, you take option B.

According to the Star Tribune, Target is pulling clown masks nationwide—both in stores and online—"out of sensitivity for the issue at hand," which, of course, is the "crazy clown craze." 

Target started pulling clown masks from stores last week, but online, "you'll still find clown masks there, but we made the decision to pull back on the number," a spokesperson told ABC News. On, searching for clown masks now leaves you with "no results found." But if you're not worried about a mask specifically, you can still snag a clown costume from the small selection that remains. 

Target is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has 1,799 retailers across the country, according to the Washington Post. While it might be the biggest store so far to stop selling clown masks, it's not the first to cut down on their selection. According to the Detroit News, Crypt Keepers Halloween Emporium has stored away all its cheaper clown costumes because, as owner Dave Douglas said, "It's not worth the sale." He explained that he doesn't want any of his customers to hurt anyone or get hurt. "These people are causing an epidemic," he said. For those not looking for a cheap scare, however, Douglas' store still offers more expensive clown masks, like a mask of Stephen King's "It," which costs more than $60.

The Wrap reports that, for costume retailer Halloween Express, online clown masks sales are up around 300 percent from last year, largely thanks to an increased demand for "evil" or "scary" clown masks. So if you need a clown mask, maybe hit them up, because Target can't help you anymore.