The Daily Show's Trevor Noah took Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to task on Thursday night for supporting the controversial policing policy known as "stop and frisk," which essentially allows law enforcement officers to stop pedestrians and pat them down if they look like they're engaging in suspicious behavior

During Monday night's presidential debate, Trump affirmed his commitment to the policy, which a New York judge said had been implemented in an unconstitutional way because it disproportionately targeted minorities.

"Secretary Clinton doesn't want to use a couple of words. And that's 'law' and 'order,'" Trump said during the debate. "We have to take the guns away from these people that have them and that are bad people that shouldn't have them. These are felons. You have to have stop and frisk."

Noah wasn't buying that argument—or the implication that it would "heal the racial divide."

"Think of it like the TSA," Noah said. "You know when you're at the airport and you're getting patted down? Now, imagine that instead of patting, they're violently going through your pockets, throwing you against the wall, cursing you out in front of everyone. Oh, and on top of all of that, there's no flight." 

Noah pointed out that, at its peak in 2011, 700,000 people were searched as a result of the stop and frisk policy, but 88 percent of those people were innocent of any crimes. And between 2004 and 2012, the New York Police Department stopped more than four million people, 87 percent of whom were black or Latino.

The show then played cell phone and store surveillance footage of black New Yorkers who were apprehended by NYPD officers and thrown violently against metal poles or the ground. "I'm not saying it wasn't [partially] effective," Noah said. "I'm saying it wasn't worth it."

You can watch him slam Trump for his opinion on stop and frisk in the clip above.