Trevor Noah opened Thursday's Daily Show with an impassioned plea for peace, refuting the notion that participating in Black Lives Matter activism and supporting the safety of police were inherently contradictory concepts. Noah, who delivered his comments before the apparent sniper attack on police officers and civilians in Dallas late Thursday, argued that the national conversation surrounding police brutality was almost always hindered by those perpetuating the theory that both concepts couldn't coexist.

"Did you guys see the shooting that happened two days ago?" Noah said, referencing the shooting death of Alton Sterling at the hands of police. "Don't worry," Noah added before mentioning the harrowing death of Philando Castile. "If you missed it, there was another one yesterday." Noah then called for those perpetuating the aforementioned message of divisiveness to stop, insisting that pitting the groups against one another does more harm than good.

"In America, it's like if you take a stand for something, you automatically are against something else," Noah said. "But with police shootings, it shouldn't have to work that way. For instance, if you're pro Black Lives Matter, you're assumed to be anti-police. If you're pro-police, then you surely hate black people." However, Noah argued, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, Noah believes that everyone's goal should be to unite behind both ideas.

"In reality, you can be pro-cop and pro-black, which is what we should all be," Noah said. "That is what we should be aiming for."