Justin Trudeau is pretty much the ultimate Canadian heartthrob. From boxing rival politicians, to appointing Canada’s most diverse cabinet ever, to walking around in the woods shirtless, the dude can do it all.

Now, because he’s already the coolest, the Prime Minister of Canada is gracing the cover of a Marvel comic. The issue hit stands yesterday, and features Justin in a pair of boxing gloves, with his Haida tattoo out in full force.

For hardcore fans of the Marvel universe, the actual story itself, is issue number five of Civil War II: Choosing Sides. It’s a special issue, which also features Alpha Flight, the Canadian super hero squad consisting of Aurora, Puck, and Sasquatch. Trudeau adorns the alternative cover of the comic, and will also appear in a few panels, offering his guidance to the elite team of mutant heroes. Oh, and he also boxes Iron Man in the ring, because he’s the coolest.

The cover of Civil War II: Choosing Sides was illustrated by proud Canadian artist, Chip Zdarsky, who had to reach out to Canadian parliament to get the blessing. The Prime Minister’s office couldn’t endorse the cover officially, but allowed Marvel’s team to proceed with the variant.

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time a Canadian leader has appeared in a comic book. Trudeau’s father, and former Prime Minister, Pierre, had his likeness used in Uncanny X-Men #140. Similarly, Pierre used his wisdom to help council Alpha Flight, and also required them to apprehend Canada’s most famous mutant, Wolverine.

To cop the alternative cover of Civil War II: Choosing Sides, visit your local comic book shop. It's currently retailing for $5.23 CAN.