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High Maintenance, the only weed-centric show that really matters, will continue its seamless transition from hit web series to hit half-hour comedy for at least one more year. The New York weed comedy has been renewed for a second season, HBO announced Wednesday. The show recently premiered on the network and all corresponding apps to the tune of 2 million viewers, but the show's popularity is only a small part of the renewal equation.

For HBO's programming boss Casey Bloys, keeping High Maintenance in business is all about being a fan of shit that's inarguably great. "The response to the new episodes exceeded all of our expectations," Bloys said in a press release Wednesday. "[Creators Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair] are brilliant, unconventional storytellers, and we're excited to see what they dream up for us in our second season."

For those not well-versed in quality entertainment, High Maintenance's six-episode inaugural HBO season is preceded by its viral success as a brief but impactful web series. Sinclair stars as The Guy, a weed delivery dude with a bike and a sense of conversational adventure that often lands him in some enviable situations, i.e. that one time he did shrooms with Chad and a group of not-quite-friends in the woods.

High Maintenance drops another new episode this Friday. If last week's episode is any indication of the show's continued performance, we may very well be in for many more adventures of The Guy. "Museebat" was up 6 percent from the premiere's already impressive showing of 2 million, a number good enough to land it in the "top five assets" on HBO's digital platforms.