Damn it, Nick Cannon. Why!?! The Caught on Camera host was, yes, caught on camera embarrassingly fumbling his way through a discussion on Nickelodeon's recent history-making move of introducing the network's first same-sex married couple. The verdict on Cannon's thoughts on an obviously cool moment? Mostly just eesh, eek, WTF, etc.

Things started off in a fairly reasonable manner, with Cannon clarifying he still holds his "Chairman of Teen Nick" position. Then, as astutely noted by Jezebel, Cannon is asked about The Loud House's historic move and, well, dude immediately started fumbling. "I didn't have nothing to do with that," Cannon said at around the 40-minute mark in the video above, laughing. "That was a different department. I mean I support it and salute it. That wasn't in my jurisdiction." Hmm.

Then Cannon appeared to take a detour through some decidedly Fox News-esque territory by entertaining the whole "BUT HOW DO I EXPLAIN IT TO MY KIDS?!?!" nonsense.

"As a parent, I've often struggled with this for this one reason," Cannon said. "If I haven't had the conversation with my child yet then I feel like I'm taken off guard. You've gotta have the conversation." Cannon then referenced a situation in his own life involving a teacher with a male partner, which he said prompted a conversation. "I was in a situation where there was a teacher who actually had a male partner as well and I was like, alright, I gotta figure out how to have this conversation. And once you have the conversation, it's fine."

OK. But then he said more, securing the fumble:

"This is the world that we live in so we can’t act like it doesn't exist. To me, I actually don't care because, if you look at the core of it, it’s called sexual preference. It's what you prefer. It's what those people prefer. So if I could tell my son, 'That's what they like. You don’'t have to like what they like. That's what they prefer. You like what you prefer.' And it's as simple as that for kids."

Maybe dude is coming from a good place but, um, none of his comments play very well with repeated viewings:

Come on Nick. It's 2016.