As anyone who’s ever looked at his social media will know, BBKs Jme is a massive gamer. From sampling the Pokemon theme to his own Twitch channel, he’s always been pushing games. But now Jamie Adenuga is getting properly into the world of eSports. He’s teamed with Gfinity and Hype Management to create ‘Serious’, a series of video gaming events. 

First up is the Serious Rainbow Six Siege Tournament. Some of the UK’s best teams will compete on the Xbox One version of the Ubisoft shooter. Qualification has already taken place, and the finals are happening on Friday 9 September at the Gfinity Arena, London. The winners of the qualifying round will play off against three invited teams, including Jme’s own team, Headtop. The winning team will get £2,500, along with Jme merchandise and gaming gear. And itall be streamed live via Gfinity’s Twitch channel and Jme’s YouTube channel.

Jme said:

I’m online murking just as much as I’m on stage, it was only a matter of time until this happened. I’ve got my team, Headtop, and we’re more than ready.

More info is here