Remember Chris Hansen? Better yet, remember his hidden camera investigation series To Catch a Predator? Sure you do. The reality series, which conducted sting operations to catch child predators by impersonating underage people, ran from 2004 to 2007 before going dark. In an effort to revive the operation, Hansen launched a Kickstarter in 2015 to fund the creation of his new To Catch a Predator-esque series Hansen vs. Predator.


The first look at Hansen vs. Predator, which hit YouTube Tuesday, shows Hansen getting uninformed viewers caught up on the To Catch a Predator history with a few clips from the OG show before teasing the new series. The teaser touts Hansen and his team's focus on new forms of social media, which make it even easier for alleged predators to find their victims.

"There is a pent-up demand from viewers for another investigation," Hansen told the Los Angeles Times when he first launched the Kickstarter last April. "And from a technology standpoint, the landscape has really changed since we did the last one." Hansen added that the original Predator focused on communication methods such as AOL chatrooms, but the world has changed drastically in the nine years since the series last aired. "Now there are 22 ways to communicate online," Hansen said.

Hansen has been keeping Kickstarter backers updated on the new show's progress via periodic blogs and video posts, the most recent of which was uploaded in March and revealed that the first investigation was "in the can."

Though a premiere date is yet to be announced, Hansen vs. Predator is apparently coming soon.