Chris Hansen is back, and this time it's personal. The man who made a living off of shaming sexual predators on national television is returning to his bread and butter. If you help him, that is. Hansen is starting a Kickstarter campaign to get him back in the game for a new webshow, Chris Hansen Vs. Predator. All he needs is $400,000. And why wouldn't you give it to him? Preventing Hansen from telling perverts to "take a seat over there" is like taking away Picasso's brush. Let the man paint his masterpiece. 

If all goes well Chris Hansen Vs. Predator won't stay on the web. The former NBC News reporter plans on shopping the show to networks and syndicators because Hansen is 100 percent sure that's what the people want. To Catch a Predator is just begging for an update. After all, there are now 22 (yes, 22 exactly!) ways to communicate online, according to Hansen, opening up a myriad of new opportunities. Don't you want to see Hansen bust a predator via Pinterest? 

We'll have to wait until Wednesday to start making donations, which is awfully cumbersome. Our collective attention spans don't even add up to 24 hours. Why won't he just take our money already? 

[via AV Club

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