Humanity has accomplished a lot in the past five million or so years. Fire, the wheel, writing. And now, another notch in our species' belt. We have spent a collective 30,342 years playing Kim Kardashian West's mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, according to a new article by Wired.

The tech magazine figured out that Kim's two-year-old game has been downloaded 45 million times and racked up just under 16 billion minutes of gameplay. And all of those minutes have earned her an estimated $40 million out of the game's $200 million in revenue for its maker, Glu Mobile. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has made more money than Glu Mobile's next ten most popular games combined.

Paychecks like that ensure that Kardashian West will keep her status as one of the highest paid female entertainers in the world. Last year, she earned $52.5 million, according to Forbes. This year seems to be on a similar track, especially since one word keeps coming up over and over again when talking about her mobile game.

Perhaps Kardashian West will use those big paychecks to get her husband out of debt.