Mr. Krabs may have owned meme culture for a few months earlier this year, but there's now officially a new meme through which we can all vicariously live out our semi-NSFW struggles: Arthur. Yes, everyone's favorite anthropomorphic aardvark from Elwood City has single-handedly single-fistedly taken Twitter by storm:

So many emotions indeed. Twitter promptly exploded with fist-related Arthur memes, quickly turning the struggles of a young and fam-friendly aardvark cartoon into something, um, much different:

But what's the deal with Arthur's fist anyway? The image appears to be a screenshot from the second half of Arthur's fourth season premiere, which the unofficial Arthur wikia page says first aired in the year of our lord 1999 and was entitled "Arthur's Big Hit." D.W. accidentally destroys her older brother Arthur's dope AF model airplane, which apparently angers Arthur to the point of punching D.W.'s arm:

But Twitter hasn't just embraced Arthur's fist. In a matter of hours, Arthur mania quickly grew to include various screenshots from the classic Canadian-American animated series paired with (mostly) SFW musings on modern life:

And because it's always best to bring it full circle:

Hey internet: let's meme-ify Street Sharks next.