U.S. President Barack Obama used the final Tonight Show appearance of his tenure in office to once again slow jam the news. 

Obama, who first appeared on the popular segment back in 2012, used his time behind the mic to defend his legacy. He also made sure to get in some digs in at presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, joking that he was looking forward to watching his new favorite show, "Orange is not the New Black." He even danced enthusiastically, if awkwardly, when The Roots broke into a snippet of Rihanna's "Work." 

Host Jimmy Fallon, meanwhile, adopted an R&B lover man persona to joke about how Obama "stimulated the economy ... in both the public and private sectors." He also found time to add to his list of cutesy nicknames for the Commander-in-Chief  ("Bareezus" and "Prez Dispenser" were the additions this time around). 

The segment ended with The Roots' Black Thought paying tribute to the man of the hour. "Once you go Barack," he sang, "you will never go back."

Reaction on social media was swift and enthusiastic.

Watch Obama's appearance on The Tonight Show in the video, above.