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Remember when Pornhub had a massive fall out after the highly-anticipated video game Fallout 4 was released? Unfortunately, that's not Gameranx's top 10 list of "Things you didn't know you could do in Fallout 4," but we're just giving you a friendly reminder of how much fans love this gameGameranx is sharing all of Fallout's secrets

Released only a month ago, the Internet was quick to discover Fallout 4's coolest features from giving settlers any gun, except for mini nukes and one five milimeter round will give them infinite ammo for that gun (which in this game, ammo is tough to come by) to if you skip dialogue enough times (pressing the right arrow key on the PC) your character will begin to sigh and sometimes express how annoying the NPC is. 

Gameranx rounded up the most entertaining features, some that include being able to get a best friend for your best friend, your dog mate a play mate, and you can also assign settlers to beds. Without spoiling everything, let's just say the Fallout 4 world can have a little more Christmas spirit. 

Check out the video above to learn all the things you can do in the videogame.