Johnny Depp took a break from his recently acquired hobby of halfhearted dog apology videos to offer up a potential doomsday scenario for the United States of America. Should presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump clinch the title in November, Depp is confident that mankind's anti-climactic demise will follow shortly after.

"If Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, in a kind of historical way it's exciting because we will see the actual last president of the United States," Depp told 5 News' Minnie Stephenson at the Alice Through the Looking Glass premiere in London Tuesday. "It just won't work after that." When asked if he would be down for a Trump-ified White House, Depp declined to offer a single ounce of enthusiasm: "I don't believe in that stuff, you know?"

Depp knows a thing or two about the inner workings of the Trump machine, as the Pirates of the Caribbean​ star collaborated with Funny or Die for a faux biopic back in February. The surprise-released Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie, which somehow included an appearance from ALF, was developed and filmed entirely in secret.

"With Donald Trump somehow still in prime-position to become the next President of the United States, Funny Or Die has released what might end up being the most politically important film in American history," the hilarity providers over at Funny or Die wrote in a press release announcing the film. For the sheer horror of it, the production also gifted everyone with this nightmarish image: