Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shoot a boombox into a basketball hoop? Taylor Lautner and Jimmy Fallon endeavored to find out in a game that wasn’t so much practical as it was fun to watch. During a Tonight Show segment called "Random Object Shootout," both players took March Madness to a whole new level.

The game objective was simple: Score points by shooting unconventional things into a hoop. Those objects included a bowl of bouncy basketballs, a ukulele filled with Fruity Pebbles cereal, a rain boot filled with rain, a Lincoln Log cabin, a werewolf on a burrito (because, you know, Twilight) and a boombox.

While it’s clear neither will ever have a career in the NBA, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching messy or weird objects being thrown about in places where they don’t belong.

Unlike the celebrity guests before him, Lautner wasn’t tasked with donning strange costumes or performing odd musical numbers. John Cena, however, did not share the same fate. Earlier this week, he agreed to put on a yellow Velcro suit and have tiny red balls thrown at him for sport.  Spoiler altert: There was light fondling involved.