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Have you ever heard the saying "a good man is hard to find?" Well, the entire gender is in jeopardy in a Canadian comedy which satirizes misandry on an extreme level.

No Men Beyond This Point, which had its North American debut at 2015’s Toronto International Film Festival, presents a world where men are a dying breed. Women have become asexual and can reproduce on their own. However, they seem to be having only girls. Many men are forced into hiding, while some take on more domesticated roles. "Women take over the world and guess what? We live in a world where there’s no wars and no f**king," one man says in the trailer, according to Jezebel.

The mockumentary will center on a quiet, unassuming housekeeper named Andrew Myers who ends up at the center of a battle to keep men from going extinct. He’ll have to face a society that doesn’t allow his gender to congregate in groups of more than two and women who really have no more use for his kind. Luckily for him, there are those who don’t believe men should completely disappear.

According to Deadline, the film was recently acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films and is expected to be released sometime this year. Their official Facebook page confirms that the DVD is set to come out on July 12.