Beloved former DJ Zac Efron is back at it again, this time dropping his recent Baywatch vibes for a very different kind of misguided adventure: a wedding. As the fresh red band trailer above makes effortlessly clear, things don't exactly go as planned for Efron (Dave Stangle) and Adam DeVine (Mike Stangle) when they initiate a search for the perfect dates to their sister's wedding to keep them as far removed from potential chaos as possible.

Before we really dive into the potential NSFWness here, we should really take a moment to gaze upon DeVine's inspiring fit:

20th Century Fox

Are those anchors and palm trees? Well played, DeVine. At any rate, Efron and DeVine's search for the perfect wedding date quickly results in the movie-saving presence of both Anna Kendrick (Alice) and Aubrey Plaza (Tatiana). With the Stangle brothers' family pretty keen on making sure they don't completely fuck up their sister's wedding day, the unstoppable chaos that inevitably unravels is indeed a source of contention for the elder Stangles.

"I think it works well because of the person I am," DeVine told Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday. "If I was as handsome as Zac Efron I would be a total monster, and I feel that's sort of our characters in this movie as well. Mike is the big brother and he flexes that muscle as much as he can, but Dave is a little smarter, has a little more on the ball, is better looking." However, director Jake Szymanski admits, the production kind of cheated a little in creating that brotherly bond. "Those guys are real-life friends and have already done stuff like call each other up and been like 'Hey, do you want to go to Mexico for four days?'" Szymanski said. "They already had great chemistry and it got even better when they went into character."

Want to learn exactly what the fuck a "push pop" really is? Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates will gladly answer that question at your local theater on July 8.