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Remember the Doom film? It’s pretty terrible, but it was memorable for one action scene shown all from the POV of Karl Urban, perfectly recreating the first person shooter perspective of the original game. It’s only a four minute section, but what if someone made a whole film like this? That’s exactly what Hardcore Henry is. After Russian director Ilya Naishuller first had a viral hit in 2013 with his first person music video ‘Bad Motherfucker’, he has now turned it into a full-length feature.

And somehow, it works. The storyline is a bit too convoluted — it starts out with the silent Henry waking up in a lab and his wife being kidnapped, and ends up with superpowers, double crossings and multiple clones of District 9’s Sharlto Copley. But it just has a relentless energy, constantly throwing ideas and explosions at you, and Naishuller somehow manages to keep the action (mostly) coherent despite the odd perspective. It doesn’t all quite come together, but if you’re a fan of X-Men comics, old Hong Kong action movies and Call of Duty, you’ll have an amazing time. We spoke to Naishuller about how he pulled it all off, the films that influenced him, and the videogames that didn’t.