Though it hasn't publicly been acknowledged, the Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé feud has been made evident by their total avoidance of each other, with the extreme awkward pictures to boot. And Kim's husband, Kanye West, might have screamed on the radio that Beyoncé looks up to Kim, but Beyoncé and Jay Z's refusal to attend the Kimye wedding counts for more than enough proof that these two ladies cannot stand each other. That was only reiterated during last night's Lemonade premiere, during which Kim seemingly refused to acknowlege Bey's visual album drop. The Beyhive responded thusly:

As Cosmopolitan notes, the latest target for the Beyhive to sting is none other than her unspoken rival. Enjoying herself at a party last night, Kim decided to post a bunch of NSFW pics of a friend's wedding to Instagram right as the world was buzzing about Bey's surprise drop of her new visual album. While Lemonade made its premiere on HBO, the Beyhive decided to lay into Kim. We all know that spamming a celebrity's page with lemon and bee emojis means you've crossed the Queen.

The Kardashian-Jenner family's fans are loyal and unfaltering concerning America's First Family and the hashtag World's Most Talked About Couple. Though, that fan base perhaps pales by comparison to the passion and sheer reluctance to listen to anyone else found in Beyoncé's fans, the Beyhive.